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I am grateful to the region for trusting us for more than 40 years and thrilled to see the way you have never let the faith in us down. I am also privileged to serve you dedicatedly so far.

Precision comes from doing the same thing thousands of times. Your constant efforts in a direction can make you the king of that field. Never give up, no matter what!

The time changes and so do we. Though change is a law of nature, this fact must not be mistaken for the ignorance of what you have learnt in the olden days. Remember; the ways change but the core remains the same. Especially in the educational field; when the older ways are mixed with the modern methods in the right proportion, the outcomes can be extraordinary.

Hence the formula is pretty simple: keep learning and keep changing with time but whenever required, don't hesitate to adopt what you have left behind while changing.

There might be advancements in the world; the kind of advancement you don't seem to be having; but if you were constant in a direction, you have something that the others don't. And that's exactly what you need to prove yourselves a considerably good contributor to the universe.




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