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The primary aim of our education should be to make the students create what does not exist. Focusing on studying ‘what is’ one thing but focusing on studying ‘how to’ is the integral requisite of the world. Developing the sense of responsibility makes them good citizens but making them aware of ‘why they are in this world’ creates strong human resources. To learn aiming merely at a government job or a position limits your potential, but learning a subject in a way to bring out maximum in order to contribute the world is what makes you a good learner as well as a universal citizen. To advance them towards being good human resources, it’s very important for them to be self-dependent soon after stepping out of the schooling. Here comes the stage where they have to face a sound competition inevitably; though necessary for sorting out the creamy section required, this stage is a challenge for the students. In order to ease the stage for the students to make them well equipped the school provides a very strong base in the form of Foundations and Pre-Foundations.

Those who are aiming to crack the competitive exams like the NTSE, the STSE, the Olympiad, the NEET or the JEE, it is understood that they must start preparing early. While most students enrol in a preparatory coaching course during or after they complete Classes 11 and 12, many also join a pre-foundation course. They can start as early as while in Class 6 and reap the benefits. In a rurally populated region; those who are in the business of education should aim at providing the advanced courses to enhance their skill. In such a technical era it's not very difficult to provide what the pupils leave the home for.

Being a whistleblower for the foundations and pre-foundations in the region I appeal to the other skillful educational leaders of the region to strengthen the competitive education in their own unique ways and make the students from far flung auto-invited here.




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